Truskavets, Ukraine – Spring 2014

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Truskavets, Ukraine

If you are experiencing health issues, fatigue from the daily hustle and bustle, a lack of vitality, or even depression, this is the place for you. The offered procedures for healing the body and soul are extensive, covering almost all types of diagnostics and mineral springs, complemented by a large, fabulous park in the center—everything and more can be found here. This is my second visit, and I am now thoroughly convinced that this place is a true treasure for strengthening or restoring health, finding inspiration, and rejuvenating overall. I wholeheartedly recommend this place to everyone, regardless of age. It’s a charming European town with friendly and polite locals, offering a plethora of beneficial knowledge from experienced individuals, as well as Spa centers where you can embrace life and fully unwind. As you walk the central streets, you’ll encounter the local charm alongside modern hotels, an unusual yet delightful combination. By embracing the special rhythm of life, a healthy diet, and meaningful pastime, you can experience an incredible surge of energy and motivation for personal change and inner growth. However, it’s worth noting that side effects may include insomnia, caused by the continuous flow of thoughts and ideas.

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Central Park resembles a mystical fantasy forest, as if an elf or gnome might jump out from behind a pine tree. Birds eat from visitors’ hands, and tame squirrels approach people without fear, accepting treats and confidently hiding them right there in the ground or consuming them on the spot. It’s a place where the animal and human worlds coexist in complete peace and mutual understanding. The ambiance is further enriched by street musicians playing pleasant classical tunes, caressing the ears of passersby.

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The architecture of Truskavets is adorned with cozy Transcarpathian wooden houses featuring intricately carved windows and balconies. In the heart of the city, European-style streets showcase charming houses and inviting cafes.

What bliss it is, after a week of diets and restrictions, to visit a coffee shop and settle down at a small wooden table basked in the morning spring sun, savoring a cup of aromatic freshly brewed coffee. During such moments, one can truly sense how easily we adapt to our surroundings, and even the smallest changes can bring immense joy.

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On Sundays, the sanatoriums usually do not have any scheduled procedures, providing an opportunity to visit Lviv, take a leisurely stroll, relish delicious food, and take a break from the health routines for at least a day. You can get a glimpse of what it was like in Lviv on one of those Sundays here.

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