Agrigento, Scala Dei Turchi White Wall – Sicily, Italy

May, June – 2021. The fascinating white rocks of Scala Dei Turchi and evening in Agrigento Old town.

Scala dei Turchi - Sicily 2021 - 14 / Travel Diary


Agrigento, located on the southern coast of Sicily, is a captivating city renowned for its ancient archaeological treasures. The star attraction of Agrigento is the Valley of the Temples, a UNESCO World Heritage site that showcases exceptionally preserved Greek temples dating back to the 5th century BC. Walking through this archaeological park is like stepping back in time, as you marvel at the grandeur of temples such as the Temple of Concordia and the Temple of Juno. Additionally, Agrigento’s historic center offers charming streets lined with vibrant shops, cafes, and restaurants. The city’s rich history, combined with its warm Mediterranean ambiance, makes Agrigento a fascinating destination that beautifully blends ancient grandeur with modern vitality.

Agrigento - Sicily 2021 - 1 / Travel Diary

Scala dei Turchi, or "Stair of the Turks"

One of the most captivating natural wonders near Agrigento is the Scala dei Turchi, or “Stair of the Turks.” This dazzling white cliff formation is a sight to behold, with its striking layers of marl, a sedimentary rock that gives it a unique white color. The Scala dei Turchi appears as a majestic staircase leading down to the sparkling turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a popular destination for visitors who can climb the steps and marvel at the panoramic views or relax on the smooth, sloping cliffs. The contrast between the dazzling white rocks and the vibrant blue sea creates a postcard-worthy scene that attracts photographers, nature enthusiasts, and sunseekers alike. The Scala dei Turchi is not only a visual spectacle but also a place where visitors can immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Sicily’s coast and create lasting memories.

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