Odessa as it is in Rainy June

Walking, reading, tanning and eating, otherwords resting 4 days in Odessa

IMG 4427

At some point in life, every person may experience or will experience a moment when it becomes challenging to comprehend the source of constant irritation. Even the most cherished aspects of life – people, places, food, training, work, and beloved activities – no longer bring joy. This state is often referred to as creative stagnation, and it calls for a change in the surroundings. Fortunately, I found myself in such a phase, and a great opportunity came to the rescue – a chance to visit Odessa, unwind both my body and soul, spend quality time with my family, and simply wander aimlessly through the city without a specific agenda. I view such trips as a necessity in my life, though it’s essential not to overdo it 😉.

IMG 4438

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