London, UK – Summer 2016

Southwark, London Bridge, Queen’s Walk, Millennium Bridge, Tate Modern, Borough Market, Green Park, St. Jame’s Park, Regent’s Park, Parliament Hill, Greenwich Park, Shoreditch / Travel Photography

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Choosing where to stay in London this time, we opted for the same area we liked last time, Southwark and London Bridge. Most of the attractions are within walking distance, yet it’s quiet and cozy. Excellent transport links with nearby metro and train stations, just 10 minutes to Queen’s Walk and Tate Modern, and Borough Market, where you can buy delicious food to cook at home or enjoy right there in the excellent food court. There are plenty of interesting establishments and shops around, and on weekends, the whole area is bustling with people relaxing after a week of work. Another pleasant bonus is the accommodation cost in this area; it’s not as expensive as on the other side of the Thames in the most popular tourist spots.

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Quenn’s Walk, Millennium Bridge, Tate Modern

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Borough Market, London, UK

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I would like separately to talk about the parks of London, beautiful green recreational areas where the air is so fresh and it’s pleasant to sit on the grass or a bench after a long walk, have a sandwich, sip coffee from a paper cup, and enjoy the vibrant English summer sun.

Green Park и St. Jame’s Park, London, UK

Regent’s Park, London, UK

Regents Park

Parliament Hill, London, UK

Greenwich Park, London, UK

Greenwich Park

In search of interesting local designer shops, underground establishments, street art, and intriguing people, you can head to the Shoreditch area. Stylishly and brightly dressed youth wander the streets, smoothly moving from shop windows to hipster bars where the walls and facades of classic English architecture are adorned with colorful graffiti.

Every time I’m in London, I can’t walk past St Paul’s Cathedral; it’s probably the most beautiful architectural structure I’ve seen (excluding Sagrada Família in Barcelona). No matter where I’m heading in this vast city, my feet almost always lead me to St Paul’s Cathedral.

One day, I headed to Greenwich Park, and from there, I walked to Lewisham station, immersing myself in a residential area of London where there were hardly any people, just houses and lovely flower gardens, each house with its unique charm.

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