Valencia, Spain – September 2015

Parque del Turia, Ciudad de las artes y ciencias / Travel Photography


The old town of Valencia is intricate, yet very intriguing at the same time. Navigating through the labyrinth of streets, I constantly lost my sense of direction, even though I usually have a good sense of orientation. If you disregard the smells from the sewer drains, Valencia appears to be a very clean and neatly maintained city, with its own character, where ancient architectural monuments harmoniously coexist with modern buildings, restaurants, and shops. The overall picture is complemented by unique street art in some places.

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Valencia. The name of this city means “good omen” or “good foreboding.”

While having breakfast at a café in a sunlit alley, enjoying a croissant with coffee, it was pleasant to observe the lively and bustling city life, which is surprisingly active even during siesta time. Valencia is known for being accepting of same-sex relationships, and we came across several couples openly expressing their affection. Additionally, it seems like every local resident must have a dog, as they are often seen enjoying their morning coffee at nearby cafes with their furry companions.

The rich history of Valencia is showcased by the houses in the Old Town, medieval churches, Renaissance shops, and Baroque mansions built upon the ruins of the Roman city. The city’s dedication to progress is evident in the Turia Park (Parque del Turia), created on the former riverbed, and the “City of Arts and Sciences” (Ciudad de las artes y ciencias).

The City of Arts and Sciences, along with the Oceanarium, offers a completely different experience. You can explore marine ecosystems from around the world and enjoy an exciting dolphin show. Then, head to the Science Museum, where you can interact with all the exhibits and experience some of the laws of physics firsthand.

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