Sant Carles De La Rapita & Villa Playa Delta Del Ebro, Spain

September 2015 / Travel Photography


Sant Carles De La Rapita, Spain

Sant Carles De La Rapita is a fishing village located between Valencia and Barcelona, a charming coastal town with delightful skies and air, tranquility, and coziness. The large harbor and fish market offer the opportunity to buy fresh live fish or seafood, while simple and unpretentious restaurants along the waterfront serve the freshest sea delicacies at a reasonable price. In September, the air is fresh and the sun is gentle, with cool mornings and evenings, making it the perfect time for leisurely walks even during lunchtime without suffering from the heat.

And the house, located in an ideal spot, the weather, the silence, and the beauty all around allowed us to relax and find inspiration for the future.

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