Salzburg, Austria – Roadtrip – Summer 2015

Undoubtedly, Salzburg is one of the most charming cities in Austria, with its unique character, architecture, and history, attracting a large number of tourists.

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It is a special pleasure to speed along the Austrian highway on cruise control, accompanied by the deep bass of Coldplay, heading towards the mountains amid the pine forest. In the foothills, we encountered crystal-clear lakes, sparkling water, and sailboats, charming towns in the valleys, and simply breathtaking landscapes.

Undoubtedly, Salzburg is one of the most charming cities in Austria, with its unique character, architecture, and history, attracting a large number of tourists. The old town of Salzburg is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, where the most interesting architectural and historical landmarks are concentrated.

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These candies, made according to a family recipe, can be purchased at the Habakuk café in Salzburg.

And in Domplatz square, a monument to Paul Fürst, the creator of the candy recipe, is installed.

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On weekends, like in any other European city, it is customary to celebrate bachelor and bachelorette parties here, dressing up, strolling along the central streets, and having fun in their own way. When the group enters a place, whether it’s a bar or a café, they are greeted with drinks and congratulations everywhere.

It was also very pleasant to catch the sunset and feel the cool breeze on the Salzach River promenade with a view of Festung Hohensalzburg (hilltop fortress) and Salzburg Cathedral.

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Where to stay?

We stayed at the Austria Trend Hotel Salzburg Mitte, a chain hotel located on the outskirts of the city. We traveled to the city center by car, which we parked in the underground parking facility right in the heart of the old city. The hotel was modern and comfortable, but without a car, it would be challenging to reach the center.

What to see?

Make sure to visit Festung Hohensalzburg (Salzburg Castle). It is one of the largest medieval fortresses in Europe, situated atop Mount Festung at an altitude of 120 meters.

How to get there?

You can reach it on foot or take the historic 18th-century funicular from the old town of Salzburg.

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We chose to go on foot since there was a queue for the funicular, and the ascent wasn’t as intimidating as it initially seemed. The castle offers a fantastic panoramic view of the entire city, but to get a 360-degree view of the city, you must climb the tower where audio guides are available, providing the city’s history in various languages. Just opposite the castle, you can see Mount Kapuzinerberg. Although it may not have any outstanding features (I just liked the name =), it has been inhabited since ancient times. Archaeological evidence indicates human settlement dating back to 1000 BC. Additionally, it’s known that in the Middle Ages, there was an observation and defensive tower on the mount.

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Restaurants and cafes

Wirsthaus Zwettler’s restaurant, located on a quiet street in the heart of the old town, turned out to be a fantastic spot for lunch.

For beer enthusiasts and fans of local cuisine, there’s a massive gastropub on the way from the castle to the old town – the Restaurant-Brewery Stieglkeller. It boasts panoramic terraces shaded by chestnut trees, spacious halls, and an impressive selection of 16 types of beer. The beer garden above Salzburg’s rooftops is sure to delight anyone, regardless of their interests or gastronomic preferences. Fortunately, we found available tables in the restaurant, but it’s advisable to book in advance to ensure a hassle-free dining and drinking experience. In the restaurant, the waiters provide service, while on the terraces, there’s self-service. You need to go to the bar to order drinks and then return to your seat.

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