Roadtrip During the War in Ukraine.

Roadtrip from Ukraine to Denmark and then from Denmark to Sicily during the war in Ukraine.


Our journey started, as for many Ukrainians unexpectedly on the 24th of February 2022, when Russian terrorists attacked Ukraine and the war started in our home. We spent a night in Lutsk, then some nights in Tyachiv, we were always on the road, without any ideas about where to go and what to do. Finally, we ended up in Skhidnytsya, where we stayed for a month.


Festung Tustan

After a month spent in Skhidnytsya we decided that I’ll go to Denmark. I crossed the border with Poland and stayed in Krakow for a night. The next day I stayed in Berlin and then I arrived in Broager, Denmark.

Broager, Denmark

Sønderborg, Denmark

Graasten Palace and the Palace Garden, Denmark

Aarhus, Denmark

After two weeks in Denmark, I started my one-week roadtrip to Sicily, Italy. My first stop was in Leipzig, Germany.

Leipzig, Germany

The next stop was in Innsbruck, Austria. The weather was amazing and I was really glad to visit Innsbruck again, this time in spring.

Innsbruck, Austria

Next morning after the short walk I checked out from the hotel and headed to Florence, Italy. The road was totally amazing.

Florence, Italy

After 2 wonderful days in Florence, I was on the road again.  The next stop was Solerno, before taking a ferry to Sicily.

And finally, I arrived in Sicily. But this is another chapter of my life.

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