Ragusa Ibla, Sicily – 2022

Ragusa Ibla – The Old Town of Ragusa, Sicily. The ancient town is up on the hill with wonderful views and rich history.

Ragusa Ibla, Sicily 2022 - 19

The ancient town – Ragusa Ibla is a part of Ragusa – a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most important cities of the arts in Italy due to its varied artistic and archeological riches, a legacy of its history which dates back several thousand years. The town was totally destroyed by the earthquake in 1693 and reconstructed according to the original medieval street plan on the ruins of the old city.

Ragusa Ibla is located on a hill at a height of about 450 meters. The Baroque architecture and narrow streets create a maze of roads paved with stone which confers on the visitor an extraordinary appeal and a sense of being lost in time.

Lots of fancy bars, as well as top-notch restaurants, gelato cafes, and craft stores selling regional goods, provide a delightful way to spend the evening in Ragusa Ibla

Love walking from Giardino Ibleo through the main square up to the Palazzo Cosentini or even further to Cathedral San Giovanni and all the way back, then have a wonderful dinner in one of the numerous restaurants of the Old Town.

Ragusa Ibla – The 15th of October - 2022

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