Oostende, Belgium – Hungary & Belgium Trip

June 2014 / Travel Photography

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Ostend (Oostende) is the largest Belgian city on the North Sea and a renowned resort in West Flanders. It serves as the terminal station for the Ghent-Ostend state railway.

Having taken a tram ride along the picturesque North Sea coast, we arrived in a town where you won’t encounter many young people; it feels like a peaceful nursing home, offering tranquil surroundings and a captivating view of the beautiful yet chilly sea.

The Ostend coast tram boasts the title of the world’s longest tram route, spanning 67 km along the North Sea coast. A true marvel! You can travel from the border with Holland to the border with France in just 2.5 hours or alight at any desired stop, but be sure to get the appropriate ticket for the specific zones. By the way, Ostend is approximately situated in the middle of the entire route.

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