Marina di Modica, Sicily – 2022

Marina di Modica – a wonderful bay on the most southern part of Sicily.

Sicily 2022 - Marina di Modica 14

Marina di Modica is situated between Sampieri and Pozzallo, the wonderful bay in the southern part of Sicily. It is a large bay with a beautiful sandy beach surrounded by numerous dunes. On the other side, there is a wild seashore with lava stones and amazing sunset spots – an introvert dream. You can both spend time at the beach with lots of activities and several beach clubs or watch sunset in a deserted part of the bay.

Marina di Modica Sunset, the 8th of October - 2022

Marina di Modica Sunset, the 14th of October - 2022

Sicily 2022 - Marina di Modica 7

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May, June – 2021. Modica is a picturesque town located in the southeastern part of Sicily, Italy.


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