Brussels, Belgium – Hungary & Belgium Trip

June 2014 / Travel Photography

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Mont des Arts

Rue de la Madeleine

Grote markt

La Parabole des Aveugles (Fontaine d’Eau Potable)

Beguinage Church

Afterwards, we opted to walk to the Atomium and explore non-touristy Brussels. We started our six-kilometer journey from the bridge over the Brussels Charleroi canal and along the Charbonage embankment. Along the way, we encountered markets, shopping districts, and less affluent neighborhoods, including Muslim areas. We even witnessed an Arab wedding and came across many Belgian houses with unique and bizarre architecture.

Atomium is one of the main attractions and symbol of Brussels.

The Atomium is a colossal metal monument representing a magnified iron molecule, scaled up to 165 billion times. Designed by Andre Waterkeyn, it stands an impressive 102 meters tall and features a rather intricate structure composed of nine spheres, each with an 18-meter diameter, and twenty connecting tubes. Of these spheres, six are accessible to visitors, housing escalators and connecting corridors. The central tube houses a high-speed elevator, known as one of the fastest in Europe.

The observation deck provides a stunning panorama of Brussels. It was constructed as a tribute to the immense potential of atomic energy and served as a monument to the peaceful use of atomic power. The primary purpose of this structure was to showcase the superiority of socialism over capitalism, a matter of significant importance during the Cold War.

Mini-Europe, Ville de Bruxelles, Belgique

Mini Europe is a park situated in Broupark, at the foot of the Atomium in Brussels. The park showcases 1/25 scale reproductions of the most splendid monuments from various European Union cities. It boasts about 80 cities and exhibits around 350 buildings.

Another must-see in Brussels is the quarter and the building of the European Parliament. This time, we also walked there from the hotel, but the distance was quite short. On the way, we stumbled upon the beautiful Cinquantenaire Park, where we visited two museums: Autoworld and the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History.

We decided to spend the evening in the historical center. Evenings in Brussels are perfect for relaxing and having fun in a laid-back atmosphere. I must mention a small café called Bonnefooi, where we happened to stop for a drink. It’s a fantastic place with live jazz music and an interesting crowd.

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