Brugge, Belgium – Hungary & Belgium Trip

June 2014 / Travel Photography


The next leg of our journey took us to some enchanting Belgian towns: the charming medieval city of Bruges, the lively student hub of Ghent, and the tranquil northern town of Oostende. Thanks to excellent railway connections between these cities, we had no trouble exploring them all in just a few days.

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The market square (Grote Markt Brugge) with the Belfort bell tower is undeniably one of the most famous places in Bruges, and they can be easily spotted from any part of the city. The iconic bell tower, known as the Belfry of Bruges, serves as the city’s watchtower. This square and tower also gained recognition through the movie “In Bruges,” where all the tragic events of the film took place.

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Just a stone’s throw from the central square, you’ll find the Gothic Basilica of the Holy Blood on Burg 10, which is one of the most beautiful in the entire city. In general, Bruges itself is a landmark; simply strolling through its streets without a pre-planned route leaves no room for boredom.

Walking along the canals in Bruges is an obligatory part of the program. The central and historical part of the city is surrounded by a canal, and you can continue your walk to the windmills of St. Janshuis and Bonne Chiere. There, you can enjoy lying on the green grass or simply relax away from the noisy crowd of tourists.

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