Yogi Squats and the Warrior Dance Sequence during Pregnancy

I found Yogi Squats and the Warrior Dance Sequence the most useful during all trimesters of pregnancy.

Yogi Squats and Warrior Dance during Pregnancy - Warrior 2

When you are pregnant, not only the taste changes, the activity and energy levels become unstable, so I was looking for practices, that I could do anytime and anywhere, when planning becomes difficult. I found Yogi Squats and the Warrior Dance Sequence the most useful during all trimesters of pregnancy. The yoga practice changes with the growing body, but some sequences stay unchanged, only with a few adjustments in intensity and the number of repetitions.

Yogi Squats (Malasana) & Side Bends

Yogi Squats (Malasana) are amazing for strengthening and stretching the groin area, and opening the hips. Practicing Malasana helps to make room down there for the baby and prepare for his grand exit. I love to practice yogi squats with standing side bends, connecting breath to movement like a moving meditation.

the Warrior Dance Sequence

Another kind of moving meditation I found in the Warrior Dance Sequence.
It is one of my favorite sequences for strengthening and creating space in the growing body. Flowing with the breath also creates a deep connection with the fast-changing body, strengthening and stretching tight muscles supporting the growing belly.

You should be careful practicing Yogi Squats and The Warrior Dance during pregnancy, try not to overheat the body, and make it slow and smooth, like you are moving through the liquid. 

Another benefit of these practices is that you can practice these movements everywhere, you don`t need special equipment, even a yoga mat. Just start your Dancing Warrior sequence from mountain pose or Crescent lunge, you can do it anywhere you like, outdoors, in the room, on a terrace, or during your evening walk in the park.

How to do The Warrior Dance sequence?

  • Start in Down Dog or Mountain Pose / Crescent Lunge
  • From Down Dog on an inhale, raise your right leg up parallel to the floor, pointing your toes down and square your hips.
  • Exhale and step your right foot forward between your hands. Spin the back foot flat, align your feet heel to heel or heels can be hip-width apart. Bend your right knee, knee above the heel.
  • On an inhale rise up and raise your arms to the sky. Warrior 1 Pose.
  • Make a big inhale and on an exhale open to Warrior 2 pose. Right hand forward, left hand behind you, opening up your torso to the left. Gaze forward toward your right middle finger.
  • Inhale - raise your right hand above your head and drop your left arm down to your left leg - Reverse Warrior pose. This is a side stretch, not a back bend.
  • Exhale - Move your right arm toward the right knee or down to the floor inside the foot. Open your torso and raise your left hand toward the sky - Extended Side Angle pose. Gaze up at your left hand if your neck feels comfortable.
  • Repeat on the other side as it fits in with your flow. You can make as many repetitions as you like, but do not overheat the body.

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