Communication and Socialization

Why communication and socialization are so essential for good health?

Communication and Socialization

We are all social beings, and there is no person on the planet who has not at least once communicated with someone in one of various ways. We need connections and a sense of belonging. Why communication and socialization are so important for us?

Effective socialization and communication can radically improve our lives. Research shows that spending time with family or friends not only brings joy, but also benefits your mental and physical health. Communication not only relieves you of feeling lonely, but also improves your cognitive abilities, trains your memory, and increases your sense of happiness and well-being.

In the book “Blue Zones” by Dan Buettner, a team of scientists did a study on life longevity. Scientists have found out the basic rules for the life longevity of people living in some places on the planet where there is the largest number of long-livers. Communication and active social life, regular spending time with family and friends turned out to be one of the main rules that unite the lifestyle of the studied people in different parts of the planet.

In some cases, just talking to a friend can replace a session with a psychotherapist, since speaking out loud about your problem or concern about something already has a therapeutic effect. And also quite often, insights or options for resolving problems can come to you precisely in the process of giving voice to your problem.

Communication and Socialization - Psychology

So why is communication and socialization so important?

  • Mental Health Communication can improve our mental and emotional health. Research shows, and wisdom confirms, that social activity reduces the risk of developing depression.
  • Self-confidence and self-esteem People who often experience a feeling of loneliness in most cases have low self-esteem and are not confident in themselves and their abilities. Meeting those with whom you enjoy communicating can greatly increase your self-confidence. Connecting with the people you care about will help you feel a sense of belonging and find your place in the world. Feedback from loved ones also has a beneficial effect, when you can see yourself in the eyes of others, look at yourself and your problems from the outside. This feedback can also increase self-confidence and improve self-esteem.
  • The quality of life improving It has been proven that loneliness can cause depression and shorten lifespan, especially in old age. Socialization and communication can not only increase the length of your life but also improve its quality.
  • Blood pressure lowering Loneliness increases the risk of high blood pressure and anxiety and stress. These symptoms are aggravated, depending on the duration of the feeling lonely. Socialization is the antidote to feeling lonely.
  • Reducing the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease Feelings of loneliness can affect cognitive abilities. Most studies have shown that the development of Alzheimer's disease in lonely people is significantly higher than in people who have an active social life.
  • The strengthening of the immune system and physical health improvement Based on the points above, reducing stress and anxiety through socialization improves immunity and physical health.
  • Life Purpose Connecting with friends or family helps us feel useful and needed, which in turn adds meaning to our lives. When we have things to do, places to go, and someone to take care of, we feel great. We experience a sense of fullness and fulfillment of life, communicating with the people we love. Which in turn helps us take better care of ourselves and our health.

An important role in socialization plays the community and communication with people that have similar interests. Therefore, occasional offline activities or online group sessions can enhance the effect by increasing your sense of belonging and reducing anxiety. Also, effective communication skills and meditation will help you manage your stress levels.

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